Saturday, April 23, 2011


I think I’m gonna dance now…

rudehamster: @russelltovey How did you enjoy Horse Meat Disco? I believe you were dancing a lot. xx

pappd:‎ Andy saw Russell Tovey at Junction Road, Archway, Dartmouth Park Hill, Camden Town having a jog in the sun.

Toomey or not Toomey

Beautiful_Train: Thanks to @SohoShorts for putting "Drop" 1st on your Vimeo playlist! Check out all the other great shorts!

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey Soho Shorts put your film "Drop" 1st on Vimeo playlist! c/o the director Gavin Toomey @Beautiful_Train let ur fans know plz.

Beautiful_Train: Tom_in_Oz_ Thanks for tweeting it sir. Hope you've had a good Easter gx

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey BTW I think Gavin Toomey may be a little disappointed you didn't tell your followers about DROP on one of my previous tweets. Ur falling down on the job! lol

Sod’s Lor and Sod’s Law

mrjasonlor: No happy birthday from @russelltovey ? :_(

Tom_In_Oz_: @mrjasonlor @russelltovey but you got one from me yesterday with singing...and I am much better at singing than Russell...xx

mrjasonlor: @Tom_In_Oz_ right you are there. You got the voice of an angel, mate. What's a guy got to do to get a happy birthday eh @russelltovey? Everyone’s got one except me. I feel so left out :_(

russelltovey: @mrjasonlor is it your birthday? Then happy birthday x

mrjasonlor: @russelltovey It was yesterday. Been waiting for you all day, but hearing from you makes my birthday officially now. Thanks mate. Cheers.

RealJamesArgent: Can’t believe this amazing weather is lasting! Day off from filming Tonight, Only one week left! Who else is gona miss it when it’s over?

russelltovey: @RealJamesArgent me!

novacancys: @russelltovey haha I no what u mean when only way is essex 1st started I was slating I’m addicted haha.

eddo_: Gays. There is no summer gay uniform. Put down the Superdry t-shirt and wear what you want.

Mavro_Arni: @eddo_ @Tom_In_Oz_ Thank the Gods for that. May the clone look die already.

eddo_: @Mavro_Arni @tom_in_oz_ Here Here!

Mavro_Arni: @eddo_ @tom_in_oz_ I've lived through too many of them already, and they are now recycling (polos w/collars up again? Really?). Be yourself!

Fox_Mullder: oh @Tom_In_Oz_ dad your fave man is on TV now the #DrWho Christmas special with Kylie and David :)

Tom_In_Oz_: @Fox_Mullder thanks son xx

Fox_Mullder: @Tom_In_Oz_ welcome dad

Tom_in_Oz_: RT @RossMcC1982: @russelltovey Watching Dr Who Special with Kylie was that the one of the gayest things that you have ever done?

Mavro_Arni: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey I'd think the whole "bedding other blokes" thing might qualify. But perhaps that's my own preferences showing. :-)


russelltovey: I love Lydia's mum, Debbie on THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX... Love her!!!!!! X

danieljharding4: @russelltovey Shes random!! Funny when she pops that cork!!!!!

LydiaRoseBright: Thanks @russelltovey she is very flattered :) x

russelltovey: @LydiaRoseBright I'm pleased... :-) x

MarchPayne: @russelltovey I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her that's for sure!

MsAnnieTaylorrr: @russelltovey she is a hoot!x

Lucyspeed: @russelltovey can you go for 5 nights being pissed?!

russelltovey: @Lucyspeed Of course.... ;-) x


marcuswhitney1: #beinghuman pic…myself and werewolf


Tom_In_Oz_: Twitter followers: of course u have 2 abide by my rules! Swearing is only allowed in every 5th tweet & nude pics of any sort are encouraged daily x

RealMitchell1: @Tom_In_Oz_ I like those kind of rules :D

NeatFreak_: @Tom_In_Oz_ Right...every 5th tweet and nude...OK then :))

Lindsey_Viner: @Tom_In_Oz_ hmmm maths was never my strong point! That's me buggered then! :/ xx

Tom_In_Oz_: @Lindsey_Viner did you know you got blogged just a little bit?

Lindsey_Viner: @Tom_In_Oz_ who me?? X

Tom_In_Oz_: @Lindsey_Viner well just a happy easter but now thousands will be able 2 see you ! Hit tweet button on blog page and send it to friends x

Lindsey_Viner: @Tom_In_Oz_ wonderful 'pops'!! managed the tweety thing too!! Yay me! :) x

Tom_In_Oz_: @Lindsey_Viner smart kid....takes after her pops...and has the same good looks too. Luv ya hun x

Lindsey_Viner: @Tom_In_Oz_ :) xxx

Tom_In_Oz_: For those who can't seize the day the Latin is: "Carpal Tunnel Deium"

NeatFreak_: @Tom_In_Oz_ I'll remember that!!! Hahaha. Now when do I swear....?

Tom_In_Oz_: @NeatFreak_ in another 3 tweets OK

NeatFreak_: @Tom_In_Oz_ that's 2 more.

Tom_In_Oz_: @NeatFreak_ alright swear if you want! But I will put hands over ears x

NeatFreak_: @Tom_In_Oz_ That doesn't work on Twitter...more like hands over eyes :-}

Tom_In_Oz_: @NeatFreak_ not if you have "Carpal Tunnel Deium"

NeatFreak_: Off to clean upstairs I go. I lead *such* an exciting life. F**k it...that's for @Tom_In_Oz_ he's a bad influence :-/


camdengiles: It’s a sunshine birthday for @mrSamuelBarnett today

mrsamuelbarnett: @camdengiles thanks Giles! What a beautiful day! X

Tom_In_Oz_: @camdengiles @mrSamuelBarnett Thanks 4 the heads up on that - clears throat HBTY HBTY HBDS HBTY xxx Hope that sounded good Sam at ur end x

mrSamuelBarnett: @Tom_In_Oz_ thanks!

Tom_In_Oz_: @mrSamuelBarnett are we allowed to ask if you're 30ish or is it just ish?

mrSamuelBarnett: @Tom_In_Oz_ 31ish

Mavro_Arni: @mrSamuelBarnett @Tom_In_Oz_ It's okay, Samuel. The alternative, to be late for one's bday, is the less pleasant option.


RealMitchell1: About time I posted a new pic from my BH road trip- any guesses?

Tom_In_Oz_: @RealMitchell1 at death's corridor?

RealMitchell1: @Tom_In_Oz_ explain? I'm not giving any clues.....

Tom_In_Oz_: @RealMitchell1 where Loren died

RealMitchell1: @Tom_In_Oz_ cupcake for the fruitcake!!!' it was indeed Lauren's death-lane in Clifton round corner, literal from the BH funeral home

Back to school blooze

Dorina335: @Tom_In_Oz_ Morning Tom...I have no idea what ur talking about but nothing new there! Hope u're having a great holiday xx

Tom_In_Oz_: @Dorina335 last few hours before bed and 2 days of staff come back on Thursday. You rested now and recharged?

Dorina335: @Tom_In_Oz_ yes indeedy....the sun always helps!

Tom_In_Oz_: @Dorina335 lots of vitamin D in sunshine it wards off depression and being English lol.


Sims characters from the computer game can be slightly moulded to suite your purpose. Below are some re-imaginings from the brain of


One of the unsung stars of Being Human is the soundtrack. Here are 3 small clips of the music which is so integral to the show. These are pieces which have not yet appeared on CD. The musical genius behind the show is Richard Wells.

The World comes in different time zones so

Easter has gone for more than 2 days at my place:

AustinFx4: @Tom_In_Oz_ Happy Easter Tom!

Deejrdee: @Tom_In_Oz_ thanx Happy Easter too

Fox_Mullder: @Tom_In_Oz_ Happy Easter dad x

b3n_ifit: @Tom_in_oz_ happy Easter down under :) !!..X

Dodochicky: @Tom_In_Oz_ Happy Easter Papa Tom! LOL Not able to see your eggy pics yet but will do tonight when I get home. :D Are you well?

Lindsey_Viner: @Tom_In_Oz_ Happy Easter!! xxxx

jonesyinc1: @Tom_In_Oz_ happy Easter Pops!!! Cx

MargMolly: @Tom_In_Oz_ mwah back atcha!! Happy Easter!! x

Amunastra: @BoyGeorge @Tom_In_Oz_ Happy St Georges day

Below: Behind the scenes shots from the making of the pop clip for “Dialling Tone” by Will Kevans

Below: Screen caps from the pop clip for “Dialling Tone” by Will Kevans

Below: Behind the scenes shots from the making of the pop clip for “Dialling Tone” by Will Kevans

Count your blessings:

russelltovey: Just got back from kayaking on the river Lea, It was delightful..Now eating BBQ meats and veg..God, I'm thankful for the blessings in life

MatthewCainC4: Drinking my first cup of tea out of souvenir William and Kate mug bought for me by my twin @russelltovey and loving it!

russelltovey: @MatthewCainC4 my twin x

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey make hay while the blog doth's one year old this Thursday

russelltovey: Night number four of getting pissed... This is a merry go round of win x

cariller: @russelltovey I don't know what that means but I want to fav it because you said it... is that weird?

russelltovey: @cariller no it's amazing x

GwynnethS: @russelltovey a wine wine situation perhaps? X

russelltovey: @GwynnethS very good!!!! X

JKCorden: @russelltovey Where are you?

russelltovey: @JKCorden everywhere... South... En route to bed now tho my Jim x

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey your friend @mrSamuelBarnett sent a happy ANZAC day greeting to Oz. He is the best.

25th April ANZAC Day

Tom_In_Oz_: Today's a day we pause 2 reflect on the Oz & NZ soldiers who died in War. We have never been at war ourselves just been there 4 our allies.

stephenfry: It isn't here yet, but under the Southern Cross it's already #anzacday a time to remember what our Oz & Kiwi friends did for the free world

Tom_In_Oz_: @stephenfry G'day Stephen, just back from ANZAC dawn service at local beach, always moving, always sombre...forever in our hearts. Tom in Oz

Mavro_Arni: @Tom_In_Oz_ Honorable men & women all.

drunkkath: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey If we had to endure what they did!..wonder how well we would cope?

ValerieMeachum: @Tom_In_Oz_ Thoughts w/ you & countrymen as you remember & honor.

Tom_In_Oz_: @ValerieMeachum thank you Val. Wish we didn't have to think about it but glad we have the freedom to do so.

TaTUM_Maggie: @Tom_In_Oz_ :) Beautiful photograph. My Grandad was also in WW1. At the Battle of the Somme.

FoxyLorri64: That’s very touching such handsome young men too Tom. I love the moving poem 'In Flanders Field' by John McCrae, it makes me cry xx

mrSamuelBarnett: @RussTov_FanSite happy ANZAC day!

kylelehane: @Tom_In_Oz_ what’s ANZAC DAY???? plz explain

Tom_In_Oz_: @kylelehane it stands for Australia & New Zealand Army Coprs, very well known the world over...Anzac cove in Turkey is where we 1st went to war. Read about it here.

On demand:

Charliecondou: I'm watching the first season of 'Gavin & Stacey'. I'm ashamed to say I've never seen it. It's f*cking great. As I'm sure you all know

JKCorden: @Charliecondou I will of course send you the series, it’s also available to download while you wait!

We know what you did yesterday!!

illustratorjJ: @russelltovey Hey! It's my birthday and it would make my day if you tweeted me back!! :) x

russelltovey: @illustratorjJ happy birthday x

Leeham0612: very jealous that @ArnoldJnr met @russelltovey AND @therealgokwan yesterday in London! fail for me!

Some Him & Her happy snaps

Some Him & Her video mini moments:

Steve & Becky (Tovey & Solemani) are attending a wedding this year…as well as finally making the transition to full time living together…

Following are 3 video clips from season one to give you a quick idea of what the style of humour is like.

The last video has strong language so please be aware it comes with a warning.

What did she say?

Julie_Atherton: Haaaaappy eeeeeeeeaster tweeeeeeeeps!!!!!!

Tom_In_Oz_: @Julie_Atherton could you repeat that in English?

Julie_Atherton: @Tom_In_Oz_ ha! I saaaaaaaid haaaaappyyyyy eeeeeeeeaasteeer!!!!

Tom_In_Oz_: @Julie_Atherton much better at least I can read that if I squint hard! Luv ya & Happy Easter from Oz...I put a pic of my 3 eggs on blog x

We’re all adult here, right?

One of the Tovey Blog followers, who's a gay man from England, has exchanged Tweets with me for weeks. I explained to him that being an older man I have a son the same age as Russell Tovey and I have an adopted gay son that lives in New York with his partner. I am certainly not a homophobic man by any means and I have a little brother who is gay and I love him dearly.

Anyway, as our relationship has grown I now call the Englishman son and he calls me pops. As a result of that numerous other blog followers now call me Cousin, Pa, Papa, Gramps, Guardian Angel, Dad or Pops or permutations of those names…you get the point. We even have a lady Tovey Blog follower who acts as Ma when we get into a 3 way at times. It’s all good fun as long as you know this before joining into one of the Twitter chats.

Well, some of my followers and I like to mix it up with a bit of off-colour good-natured humour at times and here is an example. For my part read it in your head like Alf Stewart (one of the characters from Oz TV show Home & Away) for the son’s accent try to imagine a pleasant Englishman’s accent.

jonesyinc1: @Tom_In_Oz_ Sunday - ahhh, yes! Here’s my current blog page Pa -

Tom_In_Oz_: @jonesyinc1 @russelltovey saw ur blog pics son and am sending congratulatory's nice to have sons that make their Pa so proud. x Luv ya!

jonesyinc1: @Tom_In_Oz_ thanks pops! I try!! Cx

Tom_In_Oz_: @jonesyinc1 all ur faves on 1 page: knitting, Tovey, some fruit of various kinds, some fruits of your kind - proud of ya son xxx

jonesyinc1: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey love ya too pops!! Am doing some new artwork too so will blog those once they are done, cx

Tom_In_Oz_: @jonesyinc1 @russelltovey Will be a privilege 2 B one of ur first men aboard. Do you plan on a big re-opening? I like big openings son!

jonesyinc1: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey me too pops! And you can defo be my first!!! Cx

Tom_In_Oz_: @jonesyinc1 @russelltovey I'll be waiting with my gel in hand son and I hope I don't wear out my welcome too soon xxx I like me seconds son.

jonesyinc1: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey jeez! How many innuendoes in one tweet! I'm proud of ya pops!! Cx

Tom_In_Oz_: @jonesyinc1 @russelltovey Son it will be all my pleasure to carry on the fine tradition of father-2-son "in-your-end-oh's" xxx

jonesyinc1: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey yay!!!! Cc

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