Saturday, June 4, 2011


Today is the day Russell Tovey hit the top in Twitter trending in the UK all because of asparagus!


russelltovey: Apologies for the silence. I'm in Cardiff. But not filming Being Human yet, something else.... Ooooooooooo... :-) x

FattysLeg: @russelltovey how exciting! You enjoying the delights of the city? Been to Chapter yet?

auntygladys: @russelltovey Lucky you! I'm in sunny Billericay, helping to run the C of E! I wonder where the most drama is going on lol x

geezabird: @russelltovey Torchwood? Please say it's Torchwood!

Emiliajayne: @russelltovey hmmmm... Either Dr Who, Torchwood or Sherlock....

Lewishamdreamer: @russelltovey Torchwood please ;)

djNezumi: @russelltovey there's going to be a series 4? wow

Tara_Jane_Sale: @russelltovey so there's gonna be another series of being human at some point? If you're not filming it "yet"

Kee_Pad: @russelltovey when does filming for @bbcbeinghuman start?

russelltovey: Exciting huh... I've been on night shoots... X

Sherlockology: @russelltovey I think you can say if it's #Sherlock, we won't tell anyone

jemappelle_jess: @russelltovey Sherlock then?

alechendry: @russelltovey Sherlock were on a night shoot last night. Have you been off filming for @Markgatiss ?

Ralphwjbrown: @russelltovey Sherlock ?

PeterK111: @russelltovey Ahh, so the porn career has taken off then.....only a matter of time with that cute butt!

JackJGreen: @russelltovey is it a new Midshipman Frame spinoff for the very adult audiences?

TomBlumberg: @russelltovey ps I sat opposite u on a tube a while ago and was so tempted to talk to u cos I'd just been working with my friend Erin on.....being human but I didn't. Now I'm a professional actor from Barry so if u need any authentic Barry ppl in the next series .. U know who to contact :p x also I meant u had been working with her not me obviously! Duh x


russelltovey: Morning! X

frankolad: @russelltovey haha... Looks like ya gonna bite the pillow ;0) :OP x

russelltovey: I am not allowed to say just yet... Speculation is rife... All I can say is I'm tired x x x also just read ep 1 of BH and it's amazing! :-)x

mandamoo310: And I'm hearing on the grapevine that @russelltovey is making a cheeky little appearance in new Sherlock Holmes series. Today is a good day!

Tom_In_Oz_: Russ finally gets to play something different - he's a night streaker and flasher on Sherlock against type!!! @russelltovey

kielstewart: @russelltovey This is sounding more and more like a high production value sex tape #onenightincardiff

russelltovey: Maybe it's something that none of you have mentioned... Hmmmmm... Isn't it exciting!!! :-) x

DavidBedwell: @russelltovey Is it 'Britain's Best Bottom' ..?

russelltovey: Start shooting Being Human on the 20th June... It is really really huge x

PeterK111: @russelltovey well i always guessed it was huge, but could never confirm that since you cleverly only ever show your bum

strongbadinater: @russelltovey Did you record a video with Cheryl Cole!!! for a new unexpected single! PLEASE!

russelltovey: @strongbadinater busted!!! X

russelltovey: I am currently filming the Xtra Factor with Olly Murs, he is a super chap... X ;-)

MikeyJGall: @russelltovey I'm still very very confused about Episode 1 re-reading as I watch the rain here in not so sunny Ibiza!

russelltovey: @MikeyJGall looking forward to seeing you super Man x xx

boydhilton: @russelltovey extraordinary (and hot) x

russelltovey: Currently interviewing Harry from One Direction for Xtra Factor x ;-)

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey you mean currently re tweeting a picture that is almost 8 months old!!! Surely!!!

mybrightidea: @russelltovey Lol you're such a bullshitter...ahem I mean...Actor :-P I bet everyone believes you though don't they?? :-D xxxx

johncconnell1: @russelltovey liar liar your pants are fire. Your willy got caught in the telephone wire.

russelltovey: @boydhilton supreme hotness right? X ;-)

russelltovey: @drunkkath yeah Matt is here hang on I will grap a snap... Bear with.... X

russelltovey: Mumma is hungry x

russelltovey: I love egg. What is everyone's favourite egg based egg? X

russelltovey: I live on omelette.... X

TopCatTC69: @russelltovey Egg Fried Rice, even better Special Fried Rice. x

oppositejohn: @russelltovey scrambled .. no contest : - )

WheresWalles: @russelltovey start ordering egg whites Russell, I worry about your hips getting bigger!

russelltovey: “@ciara_oneill: Pleeeeease pleeeease tell me Mitchell is in it!? There is no Being Human without him... No offence :)” No offence???? X

boydhilton: @russelltovey absolute and complete totally supreme hotness. xx

russelltovey: “@josezzz: @russelltovey have you tried spanish omelette? With fried potatoes and onions... DELICIOUS!!! :) X” of bloody course x

russelltovey: EGG..... Love it.... EGG oh yeah, crack it all over me and rub your yellowy yolky middle all into my body baby... Cockadoodledo #eggporn x

davieboy123: @russelltovey now that would be a fun night ;)

imjustanerd: @russelltovey what in the world is happening? #eggporn

davieboy123: @russelltovey scrambled

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey back on the caffeine pills again - I should have guessed UR all hyper!

russelltovey: RT @Rehfan: @russelltovey It's actually good for your hair. 2 beaten eggs run through your hair & covered with a moist towel for an hour. Rinse out.

Scotty_McTweety: @russelltovey @ciara_oneill Not just being bias here but i say George is the best character in BH, even if he does scream like a girl :)

russelltovey: @Scotty_McTweety wonderful man x

russelltovey: What's the weather like in NY? X

jwhedonaddict: @russelltovey Are you coming to the US??????

RoniGrace: So round.... So smooth.... So delicate... And when you open it up, so slippery..... Oooohhh... #eggporn cc: @russelltovey

russelltovey: @RoniGrace good! :-) x

MsCheekNLip: @russelltovey Just making you aware this exists. Do be warned, it can't be unseen =\

russelltovey: @MsCheekNLip hideous and hot x

russelltovey: Nandos in Cardiff Bay is an exceptional idea as suggested by a wonderful witty... Hmmmmm x

andyheeps: @russelltovey but what comes first, the chicken or the egg?

mihangel: @russelltovey I once made an omlette that was so lush i took a picture of it... thats not sad/lonley/wierd is it?

russelltovey: @mihangel it's hot x

CazJamesDean: @russelltovey do you like filming in Wales? You should visit Caerphilly Castle.

russelltovey: @CazJamesDean tick x

russelltovey: Need to get out of bed but hotel black out curtains are doing exactly what they say on the tin x

russelltovey: “@Daniel_Penfold: do they do loyalty cards? #russelltoveylivesinnandos” hell yes, I'm nearly at a free whole chicken.. There is a god x

beckymafia: @russelltovey I am rather offended you are ignoring my tweets :(

russelltovey: @beckymafia :-( oh sorry x

russelltovey: “@MhairiMacdonald: the price of an egg was 80 million marks in germany nov 1923 due to hyper inflation - history revision facts for you!!”

russelltovey: My bed is really big and warm and I'm on my own in it wearing only a pair of Uniqlo boxers and a half smile... X

russelltovey: RT @DogAteMyWookie: RT @russelltovey: My bed is really big, warm & I'm on my own in it wearing only a pair of Uniqlo boxers & a half smile / He's going to wank!

Hannah___Louise: @RussellTovey Do you only talk to specific fans? Because I'm being ignored :( I'm a big fan too x

russelltovey: @Hannah___Louise oh Hannah you are very specific x

russelltovey: Trying not to eat at weird hours but night shoots make you eat at weird hours x

russelltovey: “@StevoLee: @russelltovey I get 20% off in nandos for being a copper! Bargainous” wtf? I'm in the wrong job! X

russelltovey: My nephew once said he wanted to be a policeman when he grew up, I asked why? And he said it was so he wouldn't ever be arrested x S.weet x

RussTov_FanSite: @russelltovey trends in Sydney Oz for first time evah not far from @Tom_in_Oz_ home town

russelltovey: Tight ball bag or baggy... Discuss x

stace_ww: @russelltovey currently tight but prefer baggy.

OfficialSeanC: @russelltovey Russell you so dirty and I love it ;) ahaa

Mavro_Arni: @russelltovey I've always been a fan of whitey tighties.

Fox_Mullder: @russelltovey tight x

gwshockey: @russelltovey Which do you have Russell? You keep covering up everytime you get naked on tv. LOL We can't see.

russelltovey: “@keirshiels: @russelltovey @stevolee I get a whopping 50% off at Nandos for being a Doctor!” shurrup!!! :-) x

russelltovey: “@SammyHuntington: .@russelltovey For some reason "egg porn" just makes sense. Bravo sir. Aaaaand I'm hungry.” I'm all sense Sam u know it x

markwillis1993: @russelltovey haha! your tweets make me laugh, looking forward to seeing you on The Xtra Factor :) x

russelltovey: @markwillis1993 it was a little white joke ;-) x

EmzSpadge: @russelltovey they might be opening a nandos in my home town! Joygasm!

russelltovey: @EmzSpadge joygasm!!!!!!! Nice x

russelltovey: “@jppereira2010 I'm portuguese, so I get 100% discount at Nando's, because I can cook it at home.” wtf? I'm the wrong nationality x

Steffie85: @russelltovey it's my birthday today and it would be lovely if I could get a birthday tweet! :) x

russelltovey: @Steffie85 happy happy happy x

russelltovey: “@NasCullen: @SammyHuntington @russelltovey Right that is it. I want an episode of Being Human where George and Josh meet...” ditto x

russelltovey: Inevitable... Just ordered an omlette on room service - ham, mushroom, tomato, greenpepper with sides of asparagus and green beans...the life x

jenwens: @russelltovey are you coming to Julie's gig tonight? x

russelltovey: @jenwens I'm in Cardiff jen x

russelltovey: #asparaguspissrules please RT for an important cause x

AmbitionIsCalum: @russelltovey And the awesome cause would be....? xD x

RussTov_FanSite: @russelltovey trends across the UK with his asparagus joke re-tweet!

Back2Stonewall_: @russelltovey just feel free to ignore me. :-(

russelltovey: @Back2Stonewall_ sorry... You are exceptional in every way x

Back2Stonewall_: @russelltovey *swooooooooooooooooooooooon* Life fulfilled.

jamieJjackson96: @russelltovey you're a clever guy, help me think of an idea I can base a scene on about homosexual equality for my GCSE Diploma

russelltovey: @jamieJjackson96 hmmmmmm .. Elton and David? X

russelltovey: I can't advertise anymore but I've just had a dark chocolate bar from a reputable mermaid coffee house and it was bloody nice x

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey Could you let BH fans know that Jason Watkins is on Twitter at the following @WatkinsJason1

russelltovey: Alphabet game... A

russelltovey: Try to get thru the alphabet without someone else repeating the letter... In five mins.. A

russelltovey: C

russelltovey: Sorry actually I've bored myself x as you were

RoniGrace: @russelltovey d dick

russelltovey: @RoniGrace alright Veronica Love x

RoniGrace: @russelltovey ok. I'm done

russelltovey: “@hitmeyoudie: @russelltovey so what was the role you refused to play according to wikipedia?” eh??? X

hitmeyoudie: @russelltovey "He was expelled after a year for refusing a role in the school play in favour of a paying acting job."

russelltovey: @hitmeyoudie it was at college I got expelled... I got a job and couldn't do their show, it was the straw that broke etc x

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