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Above: Russell Tovey narrates Doctor Who Confidential ep "The Born Identity."

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The sister blog to this one called "Charlie Condou Confidential" started trending on Twitter Trendsmap under Russell Tovey's Twitter name - talk about cross promotion!

Link to Charlie Condou Confidential:

1) The Asparagus Re-Tweet

2) Drag Names

3) Egg Porn

russelltovey: Oliver Perkins at Cell Projects... A canvas within a canvas... Discuss.. X

russelltovey: “@vickismall: @russelltovey no the "art" wanky crap. Not you :)” this is a better image... Now? X

russelltovey: Red wine tongue... Hot right? X

russelltovey: “@shalalalalleeh: @russelltovey russell, not to freak you out but.. that means the wine's not good.” it was from M&S? X

russelltovey: “@vickismall: @russelltovey pointless shit” me???? X

russelltovey: “@lewisturrell: @russelltovey I want that on my penis!” don't beat around the bush Lewis... (excuse the pun) x

russelltovey: Have I posted this already? X

Stenhouse_1: @russelltovey one of those two is really beautiful. The other is @russelltovey (x)

Smutstick: @russelltovey It’s my birthday is there time for a tweet?

russelltovey: @Smutstick happy Chelsea day you smutty mate x

Smutstick: @russelltovey AHHHHHHHH. Smutty mate ahahaha you're amazing!! You have just made my day thank you x

russelltovey: If I did a play, would you come and watch it? X

funkiemunkie: @russelltovey With bells on... And possibly a hat :)

TheSamuelEvans1: @russelltovey Yes! Is this a hint at something?! I think I can guess what show it is if this is the case.

russelltovey: @TheSamuelEvans1 what show is it??? X

TheSamuelEvans1: @russelltovey "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern..." 1-because there's a vacancy and 2 -it's already like a History Boys reunion.Just guessing! X

russelltovey: Granola at 9pm? X

WheresWalles: @russelltovey HIIIIIIIIIPPPPPSSSSS!

russelltovey: @WheresWalles it's with soya milk... My hips don't lie Hun x

WheresWalles: @russelltovey LOL! Ok but do 5 pushups between each mouthful just in case!

russelltovey: #dragqueennames me first: Ann Bag x

Gazjor1: @russelltovey #dragqueennames what about Crystal Balls

russelltovey: “@MrTimmyApples: you're asking loads of questions today - can I have an easy one I can answer please? x” how many fingers am I holding up? X

russelltovey: “@LiamSE21: @Ozgoz I have just left @russelltovey's hotel room” one of the best nights of my life... Hang on... Where's my f**king wallet? X

LiamSE21: @russelltovey @ozgoz I chucked it - took all the money

russelltovey: “@Andrew_Groves: @russelltovey #dragqueennames Iona Wigg” amazing! X

russelltovey: “@daveswaile: @russelltovey #dragqueennames Wilma Fingado” awesome x

russelltovey: “@CCFC1979: @russelltovey” this is amazing!!!!!!! X

No. 1 in Manchester & the North

The topics today had Russell trending for hours:

1) The Asparagus RT

2) Drag Names

3) Egg Porn

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