Friday, July 22, 2011


A boom in art prices

Squibby_: Oi @russelltovey , I see you going to the bar. Mine's a pint of Gaymers. Cheers mate. See you in the smoking area

ifeltstupid81: @russelltovey stood across from you in yard but I think its weird and rude to interrupt you just because I have you as a bookmark! Have fun..

mrjamesnunn: Away from #TowerBlock set, back in the flat and all I can here is F**ing seagulls.. Am I being stalked? @RonnieThompson @Sheridansmith1 @russelltovey

kirstlw86: @russelltovey is there any news on when the new series of Him & Her starts? I can't wait for it! X

russelltovey: @kirstlw86 in the autumn x

robdiament: We just had 2 teenage boys visit the gallery, in their New Era baseball caps to see Jess Flood-Paddock's giant cap! They loved it! GENIUS!

russelltovey: @robdiament ha ha that's sooooo cool x

robdiament: @russelltovey It was hilarious! They came into office and said, "Is that for sale? How much, is it £10? Ah no, it's art! Half a million?'


russelltovey: Somebody get their tits out? X

rhib: @russelltovey Wheeey

russelltovey: I am so sorry. It's been an odd day and that kind of behavior is unacceptable... I apologise profusely x

kecksjamieson: @russelltovey Eh, Mr Tovey. It's not cool or clever! lol. Where's smart Russell gone? Bring him back! I'm thinking of un-following you. ;-)

ollyog: Saw Russell tovey from being human tonight.

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey Doing my bit for Occupational Health and Safety.

Sheridansmith1: Crisis of confidence of epic proportion :( I need a drink

russelltovey: @Sheridansmith1 whattttttttt???? Has this passed??? X

MikeyJGall: Not only I'm 30 but I'm suddenly a 2nd assistant director on a show called Coma Girl with the lovely Sarah Solemani in it and many more!

russelltovey: @MikeyJGall woo-hoo!!!! Congratulations!!!!! X

russelltovey: Rip Lucien Freud x :-(

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