Friday, July 22, 2011



katypegg: Hi Twitter! Thanks to all of you that told me I was hacked. Rectifying now. Sorry for the spam! On the plus, really enjoyed Horrible Bosses

russelltovey: @katypegg you dm'd me... Was that spam??? X

katypegg: @russelltovey Yep, that's how the bastards get you!

russelltovey: @katypegg ahhhhh.... They make you log in right??? I didn't do it x

katypegg: @russelltovey Oh that's good, phew


Ralphwjbrown: Too cold this early without a hat. British summer time. At least it's light. Work on Saturday boo.

mrjamesnunn: Cheers for an amazing week guys! See you Mon for #towerblock action! @Sheridansmith1 @JackO__C @russelltovey @Ralphwjbrown @RonnieThompson x

russelltovey: @mrjamesnunn :-) x

Ralphwjbrown: “@Charliecondou: A terrible waste of an unbelievable talent. RIP Amy Winehouse” yes. Gutted

russelltovey: I cannot believe the beautiful giggly warm lovely Amy has gone. Such a sad sad loss. Poor Amy x

MatthewCainC4: My favourite memory of Amy Winehouse is a drunken night singing at piano in American Bar of Savoy Hotel with Rob Brydon + Michael Ball!

russelltovey: @MatthewCainC4 she was sat on my lap just ten minutes before... I can't believe it :-(

Our thoughts are with you at this time

russelltovey: My thoughts are with Oslo what horrific events.... So much evil in the world... So so awful... The poor people left behind x x

daisyrock666: @russelltovey hard to not keep dwelling on it isn't it. Poor parents, unimaginable.

russelltovey: RT @mviertbauer: Unsere Gebete sind bei den Menschen in Oslo

russelltovey: RT @misterjorgensen: If you're in Oslo and have a wifi connection, please open it up so trapped people may use it if required. Please RT.

russelltovey: RT @joakimnilsen: #oslo #oslobomb Eyewitness story. The killer said I am police. The kids yelled back: Prove it!Googled translated:

russelltovey: Crying eyes out at the eyewitness account I just retweeted... This is so sad I can't imagine the fear those poor kids went thru...

russelltovey: incredibly emotional eyewitness account x

russelltovey: To think that yesterday around Lunch time I was sitting chatting happily and eating when a few thousand miles away this was going on x

russelltovey: I can't get my head around this huge tragedy... My thoughts are consumed with the people of Oslo x

russelltovey: Poor Oslo... Terrifying... Check the news x

russelltovey: RT @BBCBreaking: #Oslo police confirm explosion was a bomb. Live:

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