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Xmas Adventure Pt.10 - No.1245

russell tovey
russelltovey: Well it's Christmas day so I'm gonna go all out say happy witty Christmas you lovely lot. If you were all here I'd song you all seriously x
Chris Sullivan
mrchrissullivan: Merry Christmas from  @mrchrissullivan  and  @russelltovey
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey .....SPELL CHECK “snog” not “song”
russell tovey
russelltovey: Yes typo…However I would song you all then snog you all... Big time x
Dannie Abbott♥ ¹³
KleenexPandaTS: @russelltovey My breath kinda stinks but if you're up for it...
russell tovey
russelltovey: @KleenexPandaTS nice... My favourite... ;-) x
russell tovey
russelltovey: My Essex local is playing Jameila 'money' takes me back happily x
russell tovey
russelltovey: Who gets stage fright when they piss in a public urinal? I get my knob out and feel everyone is looking at it and can't go... Nightmare x
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey hmmm not really a knob more like a Bishop in a turtle-neck!
MarkMMerrett: @russelltovey damn wish I was there to see...... Did I say that out loud? Oops
TMarkstahler: @MarkMMerrett @tom_in_oz_ Gents, I need some sleep now! 1am in Germany. Tom's much too busy blogging to kiss me good night. But I really got to go beddie!!!
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @TMarkstahler @MarkMMerrett and just when Tovey is tweeting about his knob. BTW I put a goodnight set of kisses at the end of the latest 'Famous Five' instalment.
TMarkstahler: @Tom_In_Oz_ @markmmerrett Yes, poor frightened Tovey todger! :-(
russell tovey
russelltovey: I've managed to piss 3 times tonight at a urinal... I need a rosette x
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When Russell said he wanted a "rosette" I wasn't sure which kind he meant, maybe it was both! Although the latter would make the job easier at the loo.

Cornish_M: Can't believe I spent all Xmas eve in the same bar as Russell Tovey and noone told me until I left!!
russell tovey
russelltovey: I'm battered.. Literally if you grabbed me now gypsy style I'm anyone's.., x
russell tovey
russelltovey: I'm eating cheesy chips.. It's Xmas right? X
Echo Hughes
MissEchoHughes: @russelltovey RUDGE!!!!!!!!!! LOL!! You've deffos come along way since The History Boys days! Have a wonderful crimbo Russell!!.....ECHO from RNT xx
russell tovey
russelltovey: @MissEchoHughes thanks echo you too x
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey @mrchrissullivan I have no Idea what a cheesy chip looks like any chance of a pic 4 the rest of the world with a cheesy smile
Joffofoz: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey @mrchrissullivan I would love a pic of your cheesy chip Russell!!!
russell tovey
russelltovey: My mum is gonna be so upset, I'm hacking into the Xmas ham pre Xmas day... Whoops x
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey buy her a house she'll get over it x
russell tovey
russelltovey: And the sausage rolls... X
russell tovey
russelltovey: It's so strange that my mate Duffer isn't here.. :-( x
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey I miss my cat Louie at Xmas he used to wear a red Santa hat and everything!
russell tovey
russelltovey: I wanna stay up and keep drinking... #xmasproblem? X
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey see if ya mum has the purple liquor "parfait amore" mix with vodka 2 of them and you'd be out like a light!
aaronb89: @russelltovey if ur so drunk then I dare u 2 post a cock pic!!
russell tovey
russelltovey: I have a photo of my knob... It's a pretty impressive photo.. But I'm not gonna post it... Am I......? X
Jon75: @russelltovey Somewhere, @mmm_gash's ovaries have just exploded. :)
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey NO PICS you’re drunk NOT stupid! x
Steven Webb
MrStevieWebb: Back to bed after wee break. Just sent @russelltovey a stern text message about his twitter offerings.... CTDTMTM
russell tovey
russelltovey: Nah... Bedtime I think.... Somebody stop me (a la the mask) ;-/ x
Stuart Murphy
stuartmurphy100: @russelltovey pour me one. Been awake all night, waiting for santa. He's just been. My littlest said Hello just as he went in the kitchen
russell tovey
russelltovey: @stuartmurphy100 call me I'm up x


Christmas Serial
Tom Markstahler
Continued from post No.1243


It’s Christmas Day 2011 and Ozziebear celebrates this festive day with his newly found friends. Despite living far far away he feels ever so close to each one of them. Now, if you’ve followed Ozziebear around London, you might have thought: What about The Famous Five? Ozziebear hardly ever spent any time together with them. Well, even though he hasn’t been seen together with them, he always was there and he will take a lot of stories with him to Australia. You need proof? Here you go...

To make up for the lack of Christmassy motives in the previous parts of the series, here is a little something Ozziebear had prepared just for YOU! As our friend and globetrotter is not a bear of many words, he kept it short, sweet and festive. A furry version of the Queen’s Christmas Message if you like. ;-)

I hope you had as much fun reading this as Ozziebear and I had fun writing every single part of it. But that’s really it now... That’s...


For those who don't know Tom Markstahler is my twin who just happens to be born years later than me and in a different country with different parents but other than that we are pretty much the same person. Oh, but I am the good one! x x x

drewdriverxxx: @Confidential_CC Tom bet your already had your Christmas day
♔♔Bennie Edwards♔♔
Bennielawrence: @RussTov_FanSite Merry Christmas to you to xx
NeatFreak_: @RussTov_FanSite HO! HO! HO! xx
drunkkath: @RussTov_FanSite Merry Christmas Thomas!
Wolfie Rankin
Wolfie_Rankin: @Tom_In_Oz_ Merry Christmas, Tom
Dannie Abbott♥ ¹³
KleenexPandaTS: @Tom_In_Oz_ Thank you! Merry Christmas! xx
sage_from_oz: @Tom_In_Oz_ Hi Tom! Merry Christmas to you!
Chris Jones
jonesyinc1: Happy  christmas @Tom_In_Oz_ @MarkMMerrett  @TMarkstahler @AWOLTom
Frank Halligan ™
frankolad: @Tom_In_Oz_ Merry Christmas Cous... Joy to the world and you and your family <:0) xx (0:>

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