Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Tovey and Webb

MrStevieWebb: Apart from me looking like an aggressive girl...Fierce no?...@russelltovey? Right?

(See photo blow from Stevie Webb)


johnconnell1: @russelltovey Russ,I'm only about 4 years late,but have stumbled across Brydon'sAnnually Retentive.Hilarious!Was that all scripted or some improv?

russelltovey: @johnconnell1 all impro x


russelltovey: #CulturEars “Ordinary Days” at the Trafalgar Studios is absolutely beautiful! The cast are total class x

wispa25: @russelltovey Loved Ordinary Days. Went last night. Gutted I missed you. At least I got Daniel Boys autograph. Love love love him.

nick730: @danielboys and @russelltovey in the same room? It was like the battle of the fantasy husbands.

suedeiohead: @russelltovey did you see stephen fry? Looks like he was there too tonight!

Maelwedd: @russelltovey Did you stay for Julie's cabaret? I loved the show last week - even if it made me weep!

stephenfry: Blubbering like a jelly after Ordinary Days at the Trafalgar Studios. As classy & emotionally stunning an evening as you could ever enjoy

avenue: @stephenfry Hi nice to talk to you after we left the theatre, amazing performance by all. Award winning. Phill

figgy1978: @avenueq Did you see @russelltovey too?

avenue: @figgy1978 Hi Yes I did not to say anything to, he knows Julie. Hope your ok Phill

mrchrissullivan: @julie_atherton amazing in ordinary days at Trafalgar studios - go see immediately! That is all!!

nancyarts: And if you don't take my word for it, @StephenFry and @RussellTovey were dabbing their eyes like the best of us at curtain call

Rhianne08: ‎@avenueq oh lucky!! You went to the same performance as Russel Tovey and Stephen Fry! haha

‎nick730: ‎ Earlier tonight I was in the same room as Daniel Boys AND Russell Tovey and somehow resisted throwing myself at either of them.

BeaStewart: @stephenfry Did you know Russell Tovey is there? Go buy the boy a drink!

Him & Her Season Two

Toward the end of February 2011 Russell Tovey and the cast of Him and Her begin shooting their second season. At present Russell and cast are doing necessary preparations.



danieladomako: 30 seconds of Born This Way - best bit of the Brits (apart from Adele) to be honest.

samba89:‎ @danieladomako you know Adele owns this show like Russell Tovey owns BBC3

Ears and careers…

jamesmoran: ‎On way to 2nd meeting for possible new job. Glad I'm not an actor, where my ears or something could lose me the gig.

TomGregoryActor: @jamesmoran Try writing and acting. Now that's rejection on a whole new level!

flyingtonowhere: @jamesmoran hasn't slowed Russell Tovey down!

BartyJnr: @_llamaface @jamesmoran @russelltovey ears did harm Christopher Eccleston's career once lol

jamesmoran: ‎@_llamaface @russelltovey He wears them well, though. They're perky and proud. Mine are more car-doors.

_llamaface @jamesmoran well ears have never harmed @russelltovey's career

All quiet on the Twitter front!

russelltovey: RT @ej09: @russelltovey RT? my daughter is doing the #swimathon for her nan who died of bone cancer this week please sponsor her http://bit.ly/gT9M86

Poetic_line: @garryoakgirl I think @russelltovey is very cute.

russelltovey: @Poetic_line thanks :-) x

Russell Tovey the 3 Ss

Sun & Sex & Suspicions


Above: Russell Tovey narrated the BBC3 program “Sun, Sex & Suspicious Parents” which concluded 15.2.2011 with a recap program called “After The Holiday.” More information about each episode is here


Russell Tovey the 3 Hs

Him & History & Human








JaneyLambert: @russelltovey I'm challenging myself to listen to 1000 songs I've never heard before, and I need recommendations. Any ideas?

russelltovey: @JaneyLambert the whole Kate Bush back catalogue x

janeylambert: @russelltovey Thanks for the recommendations - just listened to The Man With the Child in His Eyes and Army Dreamers - both v good!

WhoaMellyNYC: @russelltovey Hi Russell!!! I'm THE biggest @bbcbeinghuman fan in the U.S.! Looking forward to season 3. Happy to follow u on Twitter! :-D

russelltovey: @WhoaMellyNYC :-) x

aggiepm: Watching #beinghuman the UK version with my UK husband @russelltovey

russelltovey: @aggiepm :-) x

BBC THREE Sunday 20 February 2011

Being Human – The Longest Day Ep 5/8

Sunday 20 February 9.00-10.00pm

George (Russell Tovey) is dumbfounded when he comes across an old foe

While working in the hospital psychiatric ward, George stumbles across someone he never thought he'd see again, as the hit drama about supernatural friends continues. He meets Herrick, the most chilling and dangerous of the vampires – who he tore to shreds and killed months ago.

George is dumbfounded and terrified. How on Earth could Herrick be back from the dead? And surely he will want to wreak bloody revenge on him and his friends?

Mitchell is becoming more and more obsessed with the Box Tunnel 20 and preoccupied with the prophesy, told to him by Lia, that he will be killed by a "werewolf-shaped bullet". He is equally stunned by Herrick's presence – but soon realises his old blood brother holds the key to something that he desperately needs to know...

With Herrick lurking in the attic masquerading as Nina's Uncle Billy, it seems things can't get much worse for the spooked housemates. That is, until harassed social worker Wendy turns up – to assess the friends' suitability to look after their newest lodger.

Russell Tovey plays George, Jason Watkins plays Herrick, Aidan Turner plays Mitchell, Sinead Keenan plays Nina and Nico

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