Thursday, January 5, 2012

Further Adventures Pt.12 - No.1261


A FluffTail
Tom Markstahler
© 2012
Continued from post No.1260


Mark M. Merrett had just finished helping Dragonite, Crème and Sonic send their fax to poor sick Ozziebear  who was convalescing in Germany when Mark got an emergency phone call from Miss Pat owner of Manny P. Rabbit. It seemed that Manny was once again causing problems at home. Manny had been seeing a super model called Lulu but she had tired of him and given Manny the flick! In his sad state of rejection, Manny had taken to drink. He had gone to a bar and consumed a lethal amount of alcohol – mostly fluffy ducks but a few pink daiquiris. Miss Pat said Manny needed help, he couldn't even stand up straight!
Miss Pat was a little ill herself and couldn’t drive into town to the local bar so she asked Mark to do the job for her. When Mark arrived he walked Manny around the block a few times to sober him up. They stopped in a park to see a statue of Sir Laurence Olivier...
Mark thought he would point out that once Mr Olvier had problems like Manny...he chased fluff and liked the odd drink a little more than he should...but Mr Olivier got better through determination and having friends that cared for him...
So, Mark did what he thought was best and used an old Croydon solution to combat the effects of too much alcohol and took Manny to eat the greasiest and fattiest food he could find...
Manny took one look at the plate of food and reeled in horror!
“OMG it contains deep fried rabbit!!!!”
“Yes,” said Mark, “That’s pretty sobering, right?”

To be continued…

‘The Bill’

Season 17, Episodes 38-39
Aired 2001
Episode name: “Complicity” Parts 1&2

Tyro Shaw (Russell Tovey) threatens to blow DS Singh's cover in the car-ringing gang, but is convinced otherwise. Singh seems to have impressed both Kevin North and his boss, Jennifer Salter, who seems quite taken with him. Salter tells Singh the gang is moving on soon, and he realises he must get the evidence in North's office. As Singh enters the office, DC Webb realises that Tyro Shaw has set them up, and Vik is abducted by North and Salter. Webb convinces Tyro to tell them where Vik was taken, and CID narrowly rescue him from being set alight.

Press play and enjoy all 10 segments of this double episode which has never been transferred to DVD.

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